Commit c94cf64c authored by Adrien Oliva's avatar Adrien Oliva
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Add Grep ability in Vim

parent 2188dbbd
......@@ -37,3 +37,9 @@
[submodule "pack/yapbreak/start/minibufexpl"]
path = pack/yapbreak/start/minibufexpl
url =
[submodule "pack/yapbreak/start/qfgrep"]
path = pack/yapbreak/start/qfgrep
url =
[submodule "pack/yapbreak/start/grep"]
path = pack/yapbreak/start/grep
url =
nmap <buffer> <F3> <Plug>QFGrepG
Subproject commit ac33b4e2e0cde6857d867dfa6a0bfb67692b24f1
Subproject commit a2cfae688ee0af859b7e888c80482361410d14ee
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